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    • Sporty cap with subtle embroidery
    • Width adjustable
    • 85% cotton, 15% polyester
    • Two sizes: 54 - 58 and 59- 61
    • <b>Deer stalking</b><br/>Particularly well suited to deer stalking thanks to good cut and noiseless materials.
    • <b>Drive hunting and battue</b><br/>Particularly well suited to drive hunting and battue thanks to the good cut.
    • <b>All Season</b><br/>Clothing can be worn all year round
    • <b>Water-repellent</b><br/>The material is by nature or with special finishing water-repellent. The Sympatex membrane holds the JAGHUND shoes dry.
    • <b>Breathable</b><br/>Offers optimum wicking away of moisture.
    • <b>Noiseless</b><br/>Noiseless thanks to unique materials and their workmanship.
    • <b>UV protection</b><br/>A high UV protection value of the clothing offers optimum solar protection.
    • <b>Ventilation slit</b><br/>Special ventilation slit for optimum bodily climate.

    This product is equipped with the following materials




    In the new material ARTUTEX we have developed a high-tech material for spring and summer which can hardly be surpassed in the reliability stakes. ARTUTEX is a double ripstop fabric with strong qualities in its unique design. In the truest sense of the word. It is distinguished by extremely high tearing, thorn, abrasion and mosquito bite strength. At the same time, it is breathable, low-noise and water and dirt resistant.


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